SottoStudios, established in 2004, is a creative solutions firm that is frequently tapped to revitalize and extend brands as experiences. It was formed to push the limits of the art of “experiential design.”

On the process

*"Every Sotto project is the result of the collaboration of many, so although you see or hear from me, there are many talented "soloists" that comprise our "symphony." Every hand that performs has to add value to the piece or they are not in our performance. As a "conductor", you have to see and hear the entire score, then, at once, hear just the piccolo player. Everything matters. It's macro and micro, and of course, you have to select the best content to play and the most accomplished musicians to perform it. Experiences are symphonies as well, with each sense tuned to an emotive result.

Our passion comes from the process of designing things that speak through their detail and story, as opposed to the braggadocio of cost or finish. Our goal is to create something that as art does, evokes a satisfying emotion as opposed to being just a trophy of wealth. Trophy shelves are never full. Ancient wisdom describes this as "chasing the wind," so designing to merely outdo seems fruitless and breeds a hollow emotional result. We want our clients and projects to be there long term. We find great satisfaction in challenging ourselves through hard work and in knowing that there is a sincere appreciation from our clients for our attention to detail. The work should stand alone as something that emotionally rewards you from a genuine place. Our best bespoke work so far exists in secret and will likely remain that way because the clients see it for what it is. That is our highest compliment. The Skyacht One exists not for a target audience, but because it would be challenging to design, even if never purchased." - Edward Sotto**


Edward Sotto is a Renaissance creative professional and entrepreneur with a proven track record in entertainment design that spans 30 years. Sotto's strength lies both in ideation and team based execution, skills he honed as Senior Vice President of Concept Design at Disney's Imagineering division. His portfolio at Disney alone contains $500m in built projects ranging from "E-Ticket" Attractions and retail, restaurants, web and mobile technology, including digital architecture like ABC Times Square Studios.

Born in Hollywood, Sotto's cinematic style is largely self taught by having motion picture Production Designers and Disney's original artists as his mentors. Theatrical design runs in the family as well, with his grandfather being a scenic and portrait artist at MGM and his Aunt Marilyn Sotto, a Costume Illustrator/Designer at Paramount and Universal, eventually landing with Eddie at Disney to design costumes there. Sotto's obsession with creative continuity and detail, be it emotional or architectural make each project unique.
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 Check out our custom designed Rolls Royce  Regatta,  your means of extending the Skyacht experience.

Check out our custom designed Rolls Royce Regatta, your means of extending the Skyacht experience.