For those of you who didn't arrive by linked article, here are some highlights of what Paris Match, the BBC, and the luxury press have been saying about Skyacht One. Town and Country muses "Why would you opt for a run-of-the-mill G6 when you can fly around the world in a jet called the Skyacht One?"  Luxexpose calls it "the aeronautical masterpiece" while others like Spears call it "the world's most luxurious jet." After describing the main cabin as "mind boggling",  Luxpresso remarks "Last year, we were lusting over Bombardier’s Global 7000 jet for its swanky interiors and luxurious settings; and this year, ..Skyacht™ One–the ultimate airliner for a billionaire’s airport apron." JustLuxe says "Air Force One has nothing on Skyacht One." Buro247 calls Skyacht One a "veritable work of art" then speculates with a smirk, "We recon Prince Alwaleed would happily trade his luxurious ride (Airbus A380) for Skyacht One, one of the most luxurious aircrafts slated to take the skies." Motley Fool's takeaway is "The new Lineage 1000E is an attractive proposition for billionaires looking for a state-of the-art luxury jet". To us, the highest praise comes from Newsledge "Skyacht One takes private jets to new heights".  As always, you be the judge.

No matter what your style or taste, the Skyacht One arguably makes one thing clear. The world of customer driven bespoke business jets is here and luxury can break the "beige barrier." To that end, Sottostudios can adapt the Skyacht style to your refit or custom aircraft, we exist to interpret your dream or brand into an experience be it on land, air, or sea. 

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