We felt the rakish Rolls-Royce Wraith would be a perfect candidate to revive those traditions with a few simple modifications, like practically everything. Satin Aluminum tracery frames a mahogany planked hood, roof and trunk section, lending the powerboat impression in a subtle way. 

The Motivation.

"We see Regatta as an extraordinary experience, not just a product. We are selling a "making of" journey for the client as they are connected to the process every step of the way as we build this historic vehicle. The real value lies beyond the object. The Regatta is the souvenir of an amazing process of craft, skill and design. All of which we involve the client as a collaborator. Our passion comes from the process of designing bespoke projects that speak through their detail and story, as opposed to the braggadocio of cost or finish. Artifact versus artifice. The scarcity is in the adventure. Our goal is to create something authentic, that, as art does, evokes a satisfying emotion as opposed to just being a trophy of means, Rolls-Royce being such to many. Trophy shelves are never full. Ancient wisdom describes this as "chasing the wind,"  so designing something to merely outdo breeds a hollow emotional result.  We find great satisfaction in challenging ourselves through hard work, and in knowing that there is a sincere appreciation from our clients for our attention to detail. That is where the client shares the story and has an intrinsic and meaningful relationship to it. The Regatta should stand alone as something that emotionally rewards you from a genuine place. Close inspection brings a smile because you saw how hard it was to accomplish and can tell others your story. Our best bespoke work so far exists in secret and will likely remain that way because the clients love it for what it is. That is our highest compliment. The Skyacht One and Regatta were not imagined for a target audience, but because they would be interesting to design, even if never purchased." - Edward Sotto