Making Regatta a reality. Intricate wood joinery is the hallmark of Regatta, and the closer you get, the more it rewards your gaze. You might wonder how we can deliver on all of this fine craftsmanship? Can the wood exterior really be done? 

Yes, and to the extent you maintain the wood on a boat which is in the elements, you care for Regatta. Today we can use many new methods and materials to apply and protect the veneers. To your point, I was concerned about the execution of this car, given the interior marquetry and engraving that is the handmade essence of what we are doing, I was thrilled to join forces with Aria Group here in California. They build and engineer aircraft interiors and limited production cars for companies like Singer Vehicle Design. The incredible “Singer 911”, the ultimate reimagined Porsche. A stunning achievement and so popular there’s a 2 year waiting list.  After touring the Aria plant and sensing the culture of precision they foster, felt Regatta, the “ultimate Rolls Royce” has be built there. Execution is everything.

Here are some images from the workshop of Aria Group. Their shop is an amazing visit, as they can take a project from sketch to reality. The disciplines shown below are examples of what we will use in production of Regatta. We will scan a Wraith into a digital model and from there engineer each new part to perfectly fit into existing car. The best of modern technology supports the best artisanal craftsmanship. Aria has every technique imaginable in it's execution arsenal. From clay modeling, 3D printing, engineering and even milling full size cars of foam, it's all there. The finest leather and trim shop along with perfection in paint. They have experience in limited production vehicles for major manufacturers as well.  I was impressed by their track record, but more so by the culture of excellence Clive has bred into the crew. Regatta is in good hands, and as a designer, I'm truly thrilled to be in Clive's amazing sandbox. 

Of course, we began exploring many exotic wood species and color schemes and developed a fleet of options.  As you view the next gallery, we hope you see something you like.  

If you would like to be on our confidential interest list or have further inquiry, feel free to leave us a means of contact here.  

I'm Edward Sotto, Regatta designer, thanks for looking us over.