Skyacht One's Master Bath features a bejeweled "throttle" inspired faucet with a lit gauge that controls temperature over a walnut and brass sink. Edge lit bronze mirror softly bathes the space while adjustable spotlighting tasks the working areas in addition to a brass framed window. The walls are lined with matte finished teak and mahogany, held tightly by brass fittings.  Contrasting the woodgrain, green Malachite countertops and Shower lend a deep elegance. Vintage Fornasetti Accessories accent our own platinum Skyacht hardware. 


Skyacht One could not have looked this beautiful without the talents of those 3D masters at Lightbox CGI. Many thanks! 

Watch the 90 Second Inflight movie inside of Skyacht One

A virtual tour of Skyacht One. Created and Designed by SottoStudios/LA in collaboration with Embraer Executive Jets, Skyacht One breaks new ground in experiential luxury. Edited by Brian Sottosanti