Skyacht One was further inspired by the vision of one George Whittell Jr. of Lake Tahoe, California. Back in 1939 Whittell was in love with his Douglas DC2 Aircraft. The gleaming fuselage and streamlined shapes drove him to commission the Thunderbird, a fantastic Hackercraft motor yacht to match his airplane. This confirmed designer Edward Sotto's earlier notion of a flying yacht. Whittell had beaten him to it, only in the opposite direction, not to mention that the result proved how complimentary to the two styles were to each other. All the classic elements were there too, the exposed technology and fitted planks. You'll notice some of those classic yacht details in the "hull" of Skyacht One. We encourage you to experience the Thunderbird in person at the Thunderbird Lodge , Whittell's home in Lake Tahoe. Unforgettable.

Images ©Zinzerphoto & courtesy ©Thunderbird Lodge.